SMTP E-mail Authentication

I’m trying to send an e-mail through our work server. It is a Microsoft Exchange 2010 server. I have been trying for ages to get it working. It appears to work through on a different network to the server network but not through eWON.

Everytime I send an e-mail, the following errors show up in the logs. I have googled around a bit and some people have said from Exchange 2010, the NTLM authentication must be used as opposed to the AuthLogin. Do you know which authentication method is used and if NTLM is possible. There are limited options in the SMTP config, however I am sure the settings are correct as they have been tried through various other devices.

Any ideas?



On page 67 of our General Reference guide, I see it is possible to send emails to an Exchange server when the eWON is on the local intranet. You’ll need to set it up using the Internet Mail Connector (IMC) ad-in installed on the Exchange server. Please note, the service also needs to be configured to accept incoming mails from the eWON.

Please let us know if the above solution works for you, and if you have any follow-up questions!


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Our IT has allowed SMTP e-mail to be sent through our Exchange server, however it will not allow non-TLS encrypted login. We have tested it without TLS login and it works fine, however this is only temporary.

Are there any plans to add TLS login to the eWON e-mail service?

If not, another possible solution would be for the eWON to connect to our company through VPN, send the e-mail, then disconnect. Would this be possible and would there be any easy way of detecting when an e-mail needs to be sent, to initiate the VPN connection?

Hi @tomcs123,

We have reached out to product development to determine the future roadmap for TLS support. In the meantime, unfortunately the eWON cannot arbitrarily change VPN servers, so the second possible solution would not work.

Once we hear back from Product Development, we will reply back here to update.


Hi, did you ever hear from Product Development about TLS support for e-mails?


Support for tls is on the roadmap however it is not currently supported. Unfortunately I cannot offer an exact timeline on the release of this feature.

In the new firmware release notes, it says

ADDED: Support of TLS1.2 for encryption (HTTPS, etc.)

Does this mean we can now use TLS with SMTP e-mails?

If so how would one enable this?


Currently TLS support is only available for HTTPS traffic. TLS for SMTP has not been added as of yet.

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