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I have bought an adapter ETHERNET IP - Modbus AB7669.

We don’t know how to configure it.

Can you please help us with the software needed? And a configuration manual, please?

Thank You

Best regards,

Hi @Damian_Mendoza_Cipre,

You can find the manuals, software, and configuration files for the AB7669 here:

Download the HMS IPConfig utility first to discover the device and configure network settings.

This device is an Ethernet/IP Scanner (Master), so you will need to configure your Scan List using the Anybus web interface (unless you are using another configuration tool like RSNetworx.) You are going to need to get the connection points for your Ethernet/IP devices that you want to connect to.

Once you have the Scan List finished, you should know the final input and output sizes, so you can finish configuring the device using Anybus Configuration Manger. You will do this using the included USB cable. This configuration is fairly simple, setting the input and output data sizes and a few other settings. When finished you’ll download to the Anybus and will be ready to read the data with your ModbusTCP client (Master).

We can help you along the way if you have problems, or if you prefer we can give you a quote on creating the configuration for you. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.


Hi Kyle,

I’m having problems with the IpConfig utility.

I’m already connected to X2.1 and my computer.

But IPconfig isn’t scanning anything.

The switch configuration is 00000000

What am I missing?

Best Regards

Hi, Thank you.
I have problems with IPconfig, i can’t see any ip’s on the software.

Have you tried both sides of the gateway? Is your ethernet cable plugged directly from your PC to your gateway?

You can also set the IP address with the dip switches. They take precedent over IPConfig.

Are you planning to use the web interface to configure the EIP scanner or are you using another tool, like RSNetworx?

Hi Kyle,

Yes, we finally did it with the dip switches with an address – then we changed the address with ipconfig after this we put the dipswitch back to 0000000 -> is this ok.

By the way the Adapter is AB7669-F

We are following this guide that our coworkers in USA did (I think its web interface)

Best Regards

Modbus to Ethernet Guide.docx.pdf (1.58 MB)

Hi @Damian,

Yes, this should work fine.

The guide looks good! The only thing I might add is that, at the beginning, when connecting to the gateway with the USB cable, you may have to open Windows Device Manager in order to determine which COM port number it is. Then you would go to ‘Online’ > ‘Select Connection’ in the Anybus Configuration Manger and select the right one.

Please let me know if you have any more questions.


Thank You Kyle.

For today it’s all, the adapter (at least in the Ethernet ip - it’s ok)

We still need to configúrate the Modbus PLC but this will need to wait.

If we have more problems I’ll let you know

Thank you and best regards!