Spurious tag values

Dear Team,
i have a problem with a MEM tag:

in the basic-ide i have this:

ONCHANGE “MaterialCode”,"@EnuMaterialType()"

-in a my Section i have this
Function EnuMaterialType()

IF MaterialCode@ = “AL” THEN MaterialType@=1//Aluminum
IF MaterialCode@ = “CU” THEN MaterialType@=2//copper
IF MaterialCode@ = “AISI” THEN MaterialType@=3//stainless steel
IF MaterialCode@ = “CUZN” THEN MaterialType@=4//brass
IF MaterialCode@ = “FE” THEN MaterialType@=5//Iron


MaterialCode is a S7-300 string Tag
MaterialType is a MEM tag

sometimes in the log file of the MaterialType (and same in datamailbox…) the tag show values like this:

They are all with IQuality=3 and IsInitValue=0

Who set my mem tag to this strange values ?

note: ewon fw version 13.2s1

thank you and stay cyber-safe at home !

Just to make sure, MaterialType is a MEM String tag right?

No, it’s an Integer

Can you send a backup.tar file with support files included for me to take a look at?

Looking through the code, I’m not seeing anything obvious as to why it would be causing these values. I thought I might be able to find some kind of trigger if we went through those logs but it didn’t seem to be the case. Can we try changing the MEM tag be a string instead of an integer. Also can we try and update the firmware to 14.0s2 and then 14.1 just to make sure this isn’t a firmware bug?

->changing to string is not possible, for our bigdata colud platform must be an integer
->upgrading the fw is possible

i have the same problem on two different customer (same fw version)

When you say same firmware version do you mean fw 13.2 or fw 14.1?


Ok can we try the firmware update first and see if that resolves the issue? If not we can try and look into this further

can i upgrade the firmware remotely via ecatcher?

Yes, but we recommend that you have somebody there in case the device goes offline and we can’t reach it after the upgrade