Standard Program Editing

Good day

I have a few questions. We have for example 10 different types of machines. And every time we spend a lot of time to do the software for each machines ewon . Can we not create the pages we need for each machine for viewing in viewon and when we download just on the main page where we have buttons to redirect you to different pages delete or add what we want to display ? by that I can have one ewon program with all standard pages I need for all our machines and only edit them for each machine as they get installed ?

This will save us a lot of time in software development than needing to reprogram the ewon all the time ?

Hope I make sense ?


Hi @Neels,

Do you mean that you just want to create a general viewon page that will be on every device and then just have a series of buttons that will redirect you to the page needed for the device you’re working with?

I might be misinterpreting what you’re saying above, but that should be possible.


Hi Tim

Please see image below

thank you for your reply so quick

That could be one way to do it if you don’t want to have multiple project files. Otherwise you could copy the whole project and then rename it as something else and then only include the views you want to use. I would say that changing the visibility of the buttons, so that only the pages you want them to be able to access are visible might be a more universal solution though

Thank you Tim