Status LEDs on AB9078-C

I am trying to connect my Ethernet/IP to .Net adapter to a Codesys E/IP scanner but I am not getting any activity on the E/IP port.

I have my adapter plugged into a switch. I have my Codesys PC connected to the same switch along with another E/IP device. The other devices show activity lights, but the Anybus device does not. I have also tried different network cables.

I have activity on the .Net (Ethernet) port but nothing on the E/IP port and Codesys reports the device is disconnected.

Could I have disabled the E/IP ports by accident? Is there another way to diagnose the port status?

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You need to have the .NET program running before you will detect any activity on the E/IP port.

Make sure you are following the documentation closely:

Thanks Kyle.

I have been following the documents and I had a test application working with the gateway in simulation mode. It is not very clear that the .Net app needs to be running before there is activity on the E/IP port but there is life now.

I am still not able to exchange data. I turned off Simulation mode and switched over to the C# example application from the HMS web site. It shows connected, but the status of the E/IP device in CodeSys reports ENCAPSULATION_CONFIG:

Any thoughts?


If this helps, here is the EDS info:


I’m not very familiar with the CODESYS software and we don’t have documentation for it. It looks like it may be in an error state.

Have you configured the Input and Output sizes?

Can you provide the status of the LEDs on the gateway?

For the I/O, I used the default EDS file. I have not made any changes yet.

For the LEDs, MS is flashing on the OT side. When I run the C# application, I get IT flashing and LA1 flashing quickly. I also get NS on the OT side blink red and then it goes out.

Looking at the Status web page, I see:


Does the negative port number tell you anything? Is there another way to look at errors on the gateway (with Anybus software)?


It appears to be an issue with the OT E/IP connection. You may need to set certain parameters according to the CODESYS documentation or install a certain driver perhaps. Do you have the documentation that describes how to set up an E/IP connection?


I do not have anything specific to setting up an Anybus device. I have documents for other E/IP devices but I have not needed to do anything special before.
I will look for more detailed setup instructions. I am also asking a question on the Codesys forum.

But you have this E/IP Scanner in link below (or something similar)?

I had downloaded the project, but never needed to open it.

I am looking at it now.