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I’m having a constant issue when I try to make the remote communication of my eWON Flexy to a ControlLogix PLC. I can establish a connection over eCatcher and go online with the controller, but when I try to download or upload a Studio 5000 project, it takes over an hour and the communication with the controller fails.

This problem happens only when I download, upload or save my project.

The internet connection of the Flexy 205 is over WAN cable and the signal is good. Is there any firmware update, or any other way to solve my problem?

Thank you and Best Regards!

Very slow communication when upload Studio 5000 Project

It sounds like the VPN connection is not very good. Can you let us know where the remote Flexy is and where you are trying to connect from geographically? We may need to move it to a closer server. Please provide the device serial number, or the Talk2m account name and device name and we can look it up.

Also, when you are uploading projects to a controller or HMI, I generally recommend using a TCP connection, so all packets are received and there is less chance of an error. You can change this in the configuration by going to Setup > System > Storage > Edit COM cfg and changing the value of ‘VPNPortOut’ from 1194 to 443.

I would also make sure you are running the latest firmware 13.2s1 on Flexy and 6.3.7 on eCatcher.



Hi Kyle!

The serial number of the eWON Flexy is 1910-0115-24. Please check it!


I also need to know where the device is located and where you are located geographically.


Hi Kyle!

Both me and the flexy are in Brazil, in Minas Gerais.

We also tried to force the TCP connection, but the flexy force back the UDP configuration for 1194.



Unfortunately it looks like you are already connected to the closed VPN Server. What is the bandwidth on both ends and type of connection (cable, fiber, cellular, etc.), at your location and the Flexy, because it sounds like there is a slow connection on one of those ends.

Also, You should be able to permanently change the configuration to TCP. Can you change it now, wait about an hour and then make a back up of the device with eBuddy (make sure to include support files) and send it to me?



HI Kyle!

Please see attached the Flexy backup file.




It looks like support files were not included. Could you send us another and make sure this box is checked?

Thank you


Please see attached.[color=red]MOVED TO STAFF NOTE[/color] (112.5 KB)


It looks like a poor connection. Are you on cable, fiber, cellular, or satellite?

Please download the Talk2m Connection Checker, run it, and then attach the log file.


Hi Kyle!

Please see attached.Talk2MConnectionCheckerFullLog.txt (10.6 KB)
Talk2MConnectionCheckerLog.txt (8.9 KB)


Thank you.

What type of internet connection is at the site? Cellular? Cable? Satellite?

It looks like our servers are being blocked by your company network or ISP.


The connection is over cable.


OK. You will have to check with your IT dept and find out why they are blocking our servers.


Is there any specific port that is blocked by the IT department? I need to check it as soon as possible to restablish the communication.


Here is the list of ports and host names we use for are connections.


We’ve already followed this technote, but the problem persists.


Could you send us an updated backup file with support files included.


The support files I sent you was taken after we followed this kb note.