Studio 5000 connection with Anybus X-gateway Ethernet IP to CANopen slave

I am getting module Fault of Connection Request Error: Bad Class (Code 15#0005) when trying to connect to an anybus x-gateway AB7677-F as show below. All module definitions information matches. I believe this is what is keeping the CANbus from going into run mode.


The AB7677 is an Ethernet IP Scanner, and Studio 5000 is a Scanner as well. You need an adapter interface for it connect to Studio 5000.

My company has been using these for quite a while as Ethernet IP to CANopen gateways to pass messages to Can Bus devices. I am somewhat new to CAN bus and am using an existing system to do some testing/modifications but am having issues with the connection request error in Studio 5000 Software adding the AB7677 Anybus module to the Etherenet Network.

Hello Norm,

This is not an Issue involving CAN. Rather, how Studio 5000 is communicating with the Anybus Scanner. If Studio 5000 is supposed to be sending/requesting data, then the Anybus Ethernet IP interface must be an adapter. With Ethernet IP, you cannot have to Scanners talking to each other.

There is no way around this feature of Ethernet IP.