Subnet Status (5) Red Blinking

Hi All,

We have a problem that the Subnet Status (5) always Red blinking/Flashing . It make an impact that data from Inverter which connected to PLC become not real. Currently this anybus connected between Santerno Inverter (Modbus RTU) to WAGO PLC (Modbus-TCP).

Any suggest what i have check ? and how.


Hi @M_Komaruddin ,
This might depend on exactly what anybus device you have.

A flashing red LED 5 indicates a transaction error on the modbus RTU side. I would use the logging feature to take a log and look for a query that doent have a response or one with an error in it. You will need to analyse the log looking for an error response. See the explanation of modbus exceptions here: Exception Codes | Simply Modbus Software

For a more in-depth analysis I recommend opening a case on

Hi Deryck,

I put here the additional information completed with video how it was happen, may you have another analysis according this video ,please share to me.




Herewith the existing configuration from AnyBus Configuration program attached.

RgdsMill Anybus.cfg (16.0 KB) Mill Anybus.cfx (7.3 KB)

Hi @deryck_hms ,

This one a log data as your request.Hopefully you can support me to analys what’s going on…

log.txt (31.8 KB)

Hi @M_Komaruddin,

I looks like the log does not contain any errors based on the LED changed from green to red for a period I would guess a particular node or two are faulting. You could try stopping the logging immediately after it stops being red. Then check the logs for timeouts.

I ask that you open a case on to get in touch with a support engineer in your local time zone.