Sudo make EciDemos failed(ECI driver + Raspberry Pi 4B + ubuntu 20.04 + Linux Version 5.4.0)

Hi~sir~I’m glad you noticed my problem. I am installing the ECI driver on the Raspberry Pi 4B. I ran “sudo make install-usb” successfully. But when i cd “EciDemos” and run “sudo make”, there comes the problem.Looking forward to your answer.


We are not experts here on in regards to the ECI drivers. You might fine more help though

Looking at the errors it looks like you are missing some drivers. Have you recompiled the kernel as instructed in the REAMME? This could help resolve the issue otherwise you might need to look into adding the missing driver.

Raspberry Pi

When using a Raspberry Pi with a standard kernel release, there are no kernel
or header files available. This will require that the kernel is recompiled
and installed on the device manually to allow the SocketCAN to function. Refer
to the instructions provided at:
Kernel building - Raspberry Pi Documentation

The driver we have hosted here might help: USB to CAN V2 on Raspberry Pi4 - Ixxat Support / USB To CAN - (