Support for Mitsubishi Heatpump & Lossnay ERVs?


This is pre-sales product question, but it’s fairly technical.

My residence has Mitsubishi heat pumps and ERVs. Specifically:

1x SUZ-KA36NA Condenser
1x MXZ-8C60NA2 Condenser

Connected to

3x SVZ-KP36NA 3-ton Air Handlers

Connected to

3x LGH-F300RVX-E Lossnay ERV

I’m looking for a solution to integrate control of the heat pump systems AND the ERVs into my home automation system.

My home automation system is custom, but I’m a programmer by trade, so I just need some devices to connect to the M-Net connections of my equipment and reflect some protocol to me over a local network.

Will some set of intesis devices work for me, and in particular will they allow control of the Lossnay ERVs to do things like set fan speed, enable/disable bypass mode?

Thanks so much


Welcome to our Intesis forum.

I searched your indoor units (SVZ and LGH) and unfortunately we do not have any gateways that can talk with those indoor units.

In the event your system utilizes a Mitsubishi central controller like an GB50, we can provide a gateway that provides connectivity to ASCII over ethernet, KNX or Modbus.

Eric Dunn

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Thanks so much for your reply.