Support for nLight, B40 Ethernet/IP Conformance Testing


HMS Direct Customer nLight is looking for support for Ethernet/IP ODVA conformance testing. They have already developed two machines with the B40, and are working on a third. They have historically worked with Ian Tracy via email.

Below is their inquiry to Ian regarding their issues with the B40 and the ODVA conformance test tool. Feel free to reach out to the customer directly.



Vancouver, WA









Hi Dave, can you have them submit this as a ticket in auxilium


Just want to try and keep all of the tickets in the same place if possible


Hi Tim,

My main question was about getting the system configured correctly to run the ODVA Conformance test for Ethernet/IP. So far, I have been looking at the log files to determine what has not been set up (correctly or at all) in the STC file, but I have reached a point where the log files don’t translate well to what I need to set up; the log files contain numbers and the ODVA Conformance application refers to items by name.

In any case, if HMS has something like an STC file that will allow me to get the system configuration described correctly so I can run the test, that would be great.



I think I may need to check this with some colleagues and get back to you tomorrow


Hi Tim,

Just checking to see if there has been any update. I have managed to reduce the number of errors to 162 by using an older version of the STC file and just blindly copying some of the configuration parameters. I can attach the log file from the test run if you would like to see the results.



Hi Pete,

Here’s the STC file that I was using (10.2 KB)

You’ll likely need to make some in the file though. This can be done in the CIP Conformance test tool by going here:

After that you should get a box that pops up that will allow you to edit the Comm Data, Physical Data, Object Data, etc. You’ll need to make sure that the data entered here reflects your setup


I received the STC file and will test it this morning. Thanks for making that happen.


You’re welcome, let us know if you run into more issues