Support - HMS EN2SE-R DF1 stopping


I tried using the control word but did not work…

Deryck, thanks for your attention.


I have been discussing this issue with a colleague who has taken a look at the log. He is seeing some timeout from the Node and does not think this is a bug. Would you be able to get a log file that clearly shows us when you “start” the network from the node monitor? We would like to see how it is actually staring the communication.




Do you have whatsapp? Would be posible to do a conference video in front of the machine?



Hello @Joao_Ricardo_N_Morae,

I don’t have whatsapp to use for a video conference but we could use teamviewer or webex.




When can we try using temviewer?




I can be available this afternoon from 1:30 to 5 EST.

Were you able to get a log showing the successful start of the node?



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This is on a public topic on the forum so everyone can have access to it allowing anyone to be subscribed and receive updated. Joao is receiving the same notifications as you.

You can view to topic here. Support - HMS EN2SE-R DF1 stopping



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please send the league so that ing Joao can connect and have the conversation with you

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This is a public topic and Joao has responded to it already a few times. Just as you are receiving this message and are sending us messages Joao has the same ability and is receiving the same.