Support: Modbus - CANBus Integration Project


Greetings HMS,

Blue Planet Energy is requesting assistance with integration.

We have been using the Anybus AB 7319.
We have run into some challenges.

We have Modbus Registers and CAN ID, Requirements.
Essentially all of the data needed.

We are willing to purchase direct technical support for this project.
Please advise on how we can engage.

This is a high priority for my team.

Kind regards,



Hi @bwidmer,

I think we would be best to start with standard support and to at least get an understaning of the issue depending on where the issues progresses to we can discuss paid support time.

Can you provide details regarding what they need setup?
It sounds like you need configure consume transaction on the communicator. This will map the CAN data over to memory registers in the communicator that are pre-mapped to modbus registers.

It might be best to discuss this over the phone. You or the engineer working on this can call us at 312-829-5636 and reference this topic or we can schedule a time if you prefer.



Thank you, Deryck,

I will call you tomorrow.