Switch between 2 wireless cards based off input


Hello, I have a felxy203 that has a FLB3203 & a FLB3205 installed. I also have a selector switch connected to input 1 on the Base Flexy203. I have the input configured but I now need assistance setting up that input to toggle between which of my two wireless cards are active. So that only either the 3203(verizon) or the 3205(At&t) is active at a time.
Thanks for any guidance.



I’m going to check with some colleagues in Belgium and see if this is possible




After talking with some colleagues in Belgium, it unfortunately doesn’t seem like it is possible to be using 2 cards at once


Im not sure from who but we tld this was doable. We dont want to use both cards at the same time. We would like to use a selector switch on input1. When the value on Input1=0 the ewon would use the verizon card in slot 3. If we toggle input1 and power cycle the ewon so that input1=1 the device would then look at the att card in slot 4.

Please confirm if this operation can be done.



Hi Ross,

Sorry for any confusion, I was checking with some colleagues in Belgium to see if it was possible to disable certain slots to try and get this to work, but it doesn’t seem to be possible. Is the device going to be moving frequently? Or is there another reason you’re using more than one 3G/4G modem?


The device moves regularly. In most locations we are only able to get either Verizon or ATT signals at a time.


You could try and get it to work this way

  • Set up the verizon card and take a backup of it
  • Set up the AT&T card and take a backup of it.

Then you could either go onto ebuddy and load the backup for the respected card when you get to the new location and insert the right card, or could put the backups onto SD cards and then insert the corresponding GSM and SIM cards when you get to the new location


Is is possible to look at the status of DI1 on power up to determine which of 2 config files on the SD card to load. If so can you please provide an example.


This is something that is possible to do through scripting, but I think it may be easier to just have the Verizon backup saved on an SD card and the AT&T saved on a separate SD card. If you want I can help you write some code that would perform the way you’re asking though


For our application we would like your assistance on the scripting for use of DI1.




Hi Ross,

I haven’t had a chance to test this on my device yet, but I think this should be able to do what you’re trying to do with some minor changes

change network with DI1.txt (950 Bytes)


Is there any possibility to disable slot 3 when DI=1 and load config A. Then disable slot 4 and load Config B from mem card when DI=0?



Unfortunately this is not something that’s possible to do