Switch from cellular internet connection to ethernet

I have done this once before but I cannot recall the steps for connecting to an eWON remotely via the cellular connection and switching the internet connection to the ethernet WAN port. I recall it is done in the configuration settings and not via the wizard.

Is there a step y step guide for making this switch remotely?

Hi Dean,

It is the same process as setting up the Ewon normally. You have to run the internet wizard on the Ewon. If your connected to the Ewon in eCatcher you should see the name of the device is a blue hyperlink that you can click under the active connection section. That link will bring you to the same login page you see when you are accessing the Ewon on the LAN. When it is testing the connection you will likely lose connecting to the device since it is switching the WAN and you are remote.


Thank you. I had thought the one time I had done this I had changed a couple settings in the configuration rather than using the wizard because of the potential to lose the connection while using the wizard. Anyway, the customer was able to follow the instructions I gave them to make the switch locally at the Flexy so we now have a better route to the internet.

Today, on a different post I asked a question about routing access to the internet from two other Flexy devices on the same subnet as the one mentioned above. All three Flexy devices run BASIC IDE code pushing data to a cloud server and I’d like to have the other two Flexy devices use the internet access through the WAN port of the first Flexy, if possible.