T100 UART black channel baud rate


IXXAT Safe T100 safety manual (pg 55) states a default baud rate of 1020 kBaud but the CompactCom UART only goes up to 115.2k. Is the T100 baud rate stated in the manual correct?
Is it possible to change this rate?


Hi @dhofer,

The default baudrate is correct.
You will also notice the default baud-rate in the safety object of the host application is is also 1020k

The standard Host to Compactcom is limited to 115.2K i believe this is for legacy reasons. The safety communication is not restricted to these speeds.

Communication to the T100 is going to go over the ASI pins. See section 3.2.1 as the pins depend on what mode being used.



Thanks Deryck.