Tag error 7553

I am using Flexy 202 and I set up a ethernet communication between a Schneider PLC and my eWON Flexy. Everything is ok, I can see values of my PLC is the web interface of Flexy. What I want to do now is to send data from my Flexy (with viewON for instance) to the PLC.

The picture below is how I try to update value from Flexy (with the web interface)

When I press “Appliquer”, the value of ACQ is 1 for one second and falls to 0 immediately.
(It should be enough for my programm however nothing is happening)

Moreover the web interface tells me this :

“Tag is not an output”
Did I create my tag in a wrong way ?
Is it even possible to do something such as updating value from Flexy ?

Thank you :slight_smile:

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