Talk2M account activation email not received

I created a new Free Talk2M account form a Cosy131, but I have not received the usual email with activation link.
I already checked junk/spam email folder but I can’t find the email.
I configured several Talk2M accounts and this is the first time I haven’t received the email.
If I try to sign in I receive a notification that activation email was sent to my email address…
If I try to recreate again the account I receive a message that account name is not available.
Is there a way to request the activation email to be re-sent?

Can you please check if email have been delivered.
Thank you and best regards,
Fabio Morabito


What is the account name and email used for registration.

account name is:
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Hi Fabio,

Your account is now active. It looks like you put in @t. instead of @it. for your email so when you long in for the first time I would go to your user and update it to the correct email.

Thank you for solving the issue!
It seems I mistyped twice the email during form compilation.
Sorry for that. Unfortunately in this case it is not possible to resolve without your support.
Best regards,
Fabio Morabito