Talk2M Connection via Satellite


Good Morning,
We are having issues connecting to the Talk2M servers via Inmarsat BGAN satellite internet. The sat receiver has all firewalls turned off. We definitely have an internet connection as we can reach websites. We ran the Connectivity Checker and it passes when we are connected to our facility internet, but it fails to Ping any servers when connected to the Satellite. I have a screenshot of the test results as well as the log file that I can provide. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Can you provide a backup with support files? it sounds like the timeout for the VPN can be the issue.

Our preliminary steps would be to update the device to the latest firmware and try again.


Talk2MConnectionCheckerLog.txt (7.5 KB)
Talk2MConnectionCheckerFullLog.txt (61.0 KB)
See attached Connection Checker logs. I will get the backup with support files as well as check firmware revision shortly.



Support File Attached. The current Firmware is v13.3.



From what i can review the event logs, is that the device is not able to get a WAN connection established. The program you are running is utilizing the PC internet connection. However, in the device itself, the DHCP is failing to get an IP from the local network.

How is your WAN configured?


Interesting. The WAN should be set for DHCP within the eWon. On the Sat Receiver, the DHCP server is set up and should be using the IP range of



If there is a restricted range that is required. I would advise using a static IP for the device


Hi Kevin, are you referring to static on the eWon WAN?

Also, I was just discussing it with the guys here and could we have an issue with the WAN and LAN being on the same subnet? The eWon LAN is, the Sat Receiver is, and the eWon internet connection will be from the DHCP Pool I know you can’t VPN into a network with the same subnet as your local PC. Would it similarly hold true with the LAN and WAN on the same subnet?



You cannot have the LAN and the WAN of the ewon device on the same subnet. This will cause a conflict and prevent connections to the device. The WAN side should be able to talk to the internet, but the LAN must contain a different IP and Subnet range.


Thanks Kevin, that must be what’s going on! I’ll let you know if we have any further issues!



Thank you for the response. I will mark this as solved for now.

Please let me know if you are experiencing any additional issues.