Talk2M connectivity status

I have problem connecting multiple Ewons using MQTT trhrough 4G to a Ignition server, so I would like to get the connectivity status of the Ewon to display it in Ignition, how can I get it? Do I have to use the M2Web API ?

Hello Pegu,

Let me check with my team regarding showing connectivity status of the Flexy’s in Ignition. M2Web will show the status of the device by default.


I just recieved an update from my team.

There is no way to show the connection status of the Flexy in Ignition, natively. You can tie the status of the connection to a tag, and have it displayed in Ignition through DataMailbox/M2Web.

Hi @Kevin_hms , thanks for the response. What kind of tag would you suggest to make and what kind of logic would the gateway have to use?

You can using some scripting to tie the COM CFG parameter “WANCnx” to an integer Tag. The states of the “WANCnx” are the following:

0 No access
1 Modem
2 Ethernet

As for the Logic, you can simply pull the tag from the Flexy, and run an If statement to ensure it’s not 0.

Maybe I don’t understand, but how the Ewon would be able to send the connection state’s tag in case of disconnect? If I understood correctly when Ewon is connected Ignition will see the tag with value 1 (because is connected via modem) but the problem is that the tag will stay in that state even after the Ewon is diconnected, because the moment Ewon looses its connection it’s not able anymore to send its connection state.
My problem is exactly that, the tags value acquired on Ignition from the Ewon through MQTT retain their value even when the Ewons loose their connection and haven’t found a (good) way to check the Ewon connection on Ignition.
The only solution I came up with is to write the current time on the Ewon and send it through Mqtt, on Ignition then I will run a Script every minute or so the check if the time tag does correspond with the Ignition time. In case the Ewon loose its connection the time tag will not be updated and the script will identify that the Ewon is offline (I think).
For some reasons I don’t really like this solution, I’m sure that there are more elegant solutions already being implemented.


I do agree with the assesment. Unfortunately, I do not have any documentation or record for a solution that you are working for. I talked with the developers regarding this functionality. They stated it has been fully realized, that they know of. I will have them look at this post, and see if they can find a better solution.

Thank you, I will work on other solutions as well

Hi, my Ewon and Ignition reseller told me that is actually possibile to get the connectivity status through the M2Web API using the “getewons” command, do you think it’s possible?


That could possibly be a solution for you, it just dependent on the implementation.