Talk2m-eCatcher connection not found

How do i troubleshoot this error"connection not found" as above.

Does this error appear when you’re logging in or when you’re trying to connect to a device?

  • Do you have the newest version of eCatcher downloaded?
  • Are you also receiving Tap Adapter issues?


eCatcher version 6.3.6 build 26539
the error happens when I try to establish the VPN connection using Talk2M.

Some more information:
VPN tunnel error “TAP-Windows adapter Talk2M-eCatcher connection” not found.

Can you try following the steps in this post and see if you’re still running into issues?

Looks like part of your last post did not come through “Now you can run the file renameta…” not sure what this means.

Whoops sorry about that, I thought that it would send a link to the post when I posted it