Talk2M Free to Pro Migration

An existing customer has approximately 130 eWONs on his Talk2M free account. He is wanting to move to Pro and wants to make sure that all he needs to do is purchase one Talk2M Pro license.


There is no limit to the number of devices that you may have in a Talk2M PRO account. You can easily import all 130 of the eWONs into the account as well using the Talk2M import wizard.

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To add on to what Jordan mentioned, you can do this in your Talk2M Pro account using the following instructions:

Click the Account button on the left hand side of eCatcher:


Scroll to the bottom and click the show advanced settings hyperlink:

Scroll down until you see the Import All eWONs from another account section, and click import button:

For more detailed information regarding eCatcher and it’s functionality, please see the following online help: