Talk2m / m2web geolocation

Dear Service Team,
I have a question about ewon geolocation :
i commisioning my machines/ewons in Italy, my eWon are showns in centre of Italy;
when the machine/ewon is shipped to the customer, the position on the map is not updated.
If i re-commissioning the ewon (talk2m wizard) the position is updated.

it’s possible to force an automatic position update (server side) without do the talk2m wizard on the ewon to the customer?

On my m2web map i have a lot of ewons (>700) displayed in centre of Italy , but most of they are located in other countries.

RIght click on the map:

i don’t want do a manual re-positioning;
i want to automatically repositioning the placeholder of each ewon due the ip address :
1)commissioning the eWon in Italy -> placeholder in Italy (…and vpn access server europe)
2) i send my machine to the customer in Canada -> placeholder in Canada (and vpn access server US)

so talk2m update the ewon position automatically due the new IP

I’ve escalated your concern to the eWON unit in the EU. They will need to assist you with this. You can check the status of your ticket by visiting

thank you kyle