Talk2m pro questions

Quoted one of my customers a talk2m pro account, and I think they are going to move forward. They do have multiple free+ accounts is there any issue moving all of those into one pro account? I think we need the ref numbers for all the accounts? Is there a cost associated with that service?

Also is there a good way to see how much data out of the 1GB/month is used on an account. Doesn’t look like it is on the connection report generated in ecatcher on the .pdf. Can I only get it in the exported .csv file in bytes?


Thank You


You can import the free accounts into one pro account and it’s free with a Talk2M pro account.
Please see the following post on how to do that:

Additionally, you can see your traffic in eCatcher by clicking on the account button and then clicking reports:


You can get the csv file by clicking on the arrow associated with that month’s report and then click CSV connection Log Report (screenshot below)