Talk2m server location


When I explained the firewall setup with customers in US, the customers asked me whether the connection will be directed to VPN server in China. This raises red flag due to the recent political and cyber security issues between US and China.

Based on the pic below, one NAP server is located in China and this triggers the concerns. Could you please elaborate on this concern?

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The VPN server in China is only used by eWONs in China and the PCs that are accessing them remotely. Do you currently have eWONs in China?

Hi Kyle,

No, the customer is in the US. They are just concerned if their data is going to be sent out to a server in China.
When they read the document describing NAP server of China, it raises alarms.



Since their device is outside of china they will not have to worry about connecting to the china server. that server is only for devices located in china so their traffic will not be routed through it.

You can assure them there is absolutely no chance of that.

Thanks for the confirmation. Is there a brochure I can share with customer to emphasize this concern?
Or, can I guide them to white list “*” and black list “” (NAP server of China) on firewall? Will this action cause any unexpected problems?



I am not aware of any documentation covering this. You can look at the ewon connection logs in ecatcher to see what VPN server you are connecting to and verify it is not connecting to the . You will see VPN15 in brackets.

You won’t have any issues if you blacklist