Talk2m servers

Where are the talk2m servers deployed in the USA?

within AWS, Azure , Google, or something else?

Hi Lars, we have a few different servers in the U.S. in California, DC, and Texas, and Illinois

Yes, but are they deployed within any of the above mentioned infrastructures?

Unfortunately I don’t have that information right now, I’ll need to check with some colleagues that would have more information on those but they are out of the office until January 2nd. I’ll send them a message and let you know what I find out

ok, thanks. I need to provide a diagram to a customer showing all communication endpoints with path/medium/encryption info, so anything you have would be great.


I’ll include that in the message and see what info they’re able to give me

I have one more piece of information I need.
It looks like data in transit (over vpn) is using TLS1.2, but how is data at rest (stored) encrypted?
(For example a Flexy 205 storing data to a data mailbox.)

Hi Lars,

I just heard back from my colleagues in Belgium.

It looks like 95% of our servers are physically hosted by high SLA hosting providers, and 5% are hosted on AWS (only on M2Web servers in the EU)

Also the data sent to the data mailbox is encrypted because this is passing via the VPN