Talk2mvpnservice problem on Ecatcher

I have a problem with Ecatcher, it doesn’t detect the talk2mvpnservice on my Windows.
I tried to restart my computer, uninstall ecatcher and ‘tap adapter’. Install OpenVPN for the ‘Tap adapter’.
I turned off the Windows firewall, turned off my antivirus. I verified if i had another vpn software, I desactivated somes vpn software service…
I have always this error. See picture.
Do you know what is the problem ? tests to do ?
Thank you,

Picture :

What anti virus are you using on the PC? Is it possible to make an excpetion for eCatcher?

It is AVG, I am verifying…

It seems that exception doesn’t change anything. Ecatcher worked correctly on 2020
on the same PC. …Strange problem…


Has your OS gone through any security update? I will have to discuss with my collegues on possible issues that could cause this kind of error.

Yes, my WIndows 10 Pro is up to date.
This year, Windows has did certainly many security updates.
Is it possible to use Ecatcher wihout ‘talk2mvpnservice’ ?
Use an external ‘talk2mVpn’ software ?
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Sorry, the picture is in french… WIndows Update =>

eCatcher requires thge Talk2m VPN service to work.

I will create a case for this and ask our developers what it could be causing this issue?

OK. I tried with ‘OpenVPN’ for the Tap Driver on a server… and all is correct, they works on my PC.
It seems that is precisely the ‘Talk2mVPNService’ who has a problem…
I can’t stop/start the service, is it normal ?
Do you have a test to verify that this Windows Service is OK ?

If the Window service is running on the OS, that it should be working.

There are a couple of fixes we can try as well:

Disable the Antivirus, restart the computer with it disabled and try again.
Delete the Adapter and reinstall the adapter with signed drivers
Uninstall eCatcher, and ensure the adapter has been removed

A similiar issue happed in the post below:

It was found that the issue was caused by the anti-virus

Have you tried the solutions in the topic that i posted?

This is a difficult problem as it can be an issue with the installation and OS.