TCP Connect failed socket

I have a flexy that I get TCP connection errors. I can’t seem to figure out why. Everything is hardwired ethernet. I have looked around on the forum and found similar post looking into VPN issues. My VPN connection and the internet connection is good.

Here is the error;
stdios-device TCP connect failed socket

Hello @Dan_1,

This could be caused by a number of socket connections the Ewon makes. If the VPN is working it might be another connection it is trying to make. Do you have any scripting setup? Can you provide a backup with support files for us to take a look at?


Thanks for the reply. I am working at a different site today. I will add it tomorrow and hopefully we can figure it out. Thanks

Here is a copy of the backup. I do have some basic scripting running. MOVED TO STAFF NOTE (642 KB)

I actually meant to upload the backup when I posted the original question, once I hit submit I can’t edit of even see the post until it gets approved right?

Hello Dan,

Besides seeing the error in the logs was there anything not working as expected? The logs are a bit short but it looks like this was most likely an issue of the ewon not making a connection to the PLC.



Yea the log was short, I did a lot of reconfiguring of the network to try to see if I could get rid of this error. In the process I disconnected cables etc. So I cleared the logs and let it run for awhile to see if it would return. The PLC is hardwired to a gigabit switch which is directly hardwired to the Ewon. I am not seeing any performance issues, it just adds confusion when we are troubleshooting other issues when the log is filled with these;

1602723662;“15/10/2020 01:01:02”;“ablsrv-CIP Error Code in Reply: (196)”;“ablsrv”;79334;30401
1602723663;“15/10/2020 01:01:03”;“stdios-device TCP connect failed socket”;“ablsrv”;79334;26813

I have uploaded an updated event log.
events.txt (15.8 KB)

We have several Ewons on equipment in our own facility, and we are deploying them in equipment all around the world. I am just trying to understand everything completely and also make sure the system is running 100%, I don’t want to ignore any errors. I would really like to solve any connection issues. I would also like to understand how its loosing connection and why its going into slow poll mode.

This isn’t a pressing issue, but I would appreciate any advice. This helps us improve the system and our understanding which in turn will help us sell more Ewons to customers.

All three logs you mentioned are most likely related. It looks like the device isn’t making a connection to the PLC and or is receiving a CIP error 196 but i’m not sure what that is for. It doesn’t exactly make sense that you are not able to make the socket connection but still getting an error response, but issues like this don’t always like to make perfect sense.

The IO sever enters slow poll mode then it isn’t seeing responses from the IO server. This prevents it from wasting network bandwidth polling a device when its not getting responses. Once it starts seeing responses it will go back into standard poll mode.

Over all it looks like either the IO server isn’t configured correctly or the PLC is not setup correctly.