TCP socket error on Java deployment

I’ve programming a JAVA application that run on a 4005CD, firmware 11.3s0, the lastest one
This application establishing a TCP connection in order later to analyse the date received by a dedicate PLC
This works fine on my bench test ewon.
I’ve uploaded my Jar and Jad file on another ewon in production line and start the JVM.
My application try to connect on TCP, but immediately close it
I’ve only the event log:

|12/05/2020 10:30:14|JVM|socket::close0[40] res=7352144 ne=0
|12/05/2020 10:30:13|JVM|socket::open0-connect[40] ipn=1d6a8c0 addr= port=102 res=0 ne=0
|12/05/2020 10:30:13|JVM|socket::new fd=40 ne=11

My context is the same than my bench test, the ewon is connected to the same type of equipement in TCP.

As I don’t have a lot of knowledge into JAVA socket connection, i don’t understand the result of the socket close:
socket::close0[40] res=7352144 ne=0

One remark,not sure it’s linked, but when I have run the JVM, my Ewon Memory has reduce a lot, making appear a red cross into the Status page, memory:
Again, I’m not familiar to the memory page status, and I don’t know how decoding the value given and what can be done on the Ewon or Java in order to recover a good status

I would recommend you contact your local distributor in Italy and see about upgrading to the Flexy as the CD series are no longer supported and probably do not have the memory capability for your Java application.

My first request was to understand why the same Java program that run on a 4005CD is not running well on the another 4005CD.

For sure we have now upgrade our reference and new machines use Flexy205, but the aim is to be able to update old 4005CD already deployed and recovering new functionalities

If the two devices have the same hardware and firmware, it’s most likely a difference in settings. You should compare the comcfg.txt and config.txt files and look for any differences.

comcfg and config comparaison didn’t focus on a main difference that can explain the behavior differences…

I’m still focus on memory comparaison between the both 4005CD, when the same JAVA program is running, there is a clear differences

On the left, this is the 4005CD where the Java run correctly
On the right, the same JAVA program that can’t establishing a TCP connection.

As I don’t know how the ewon is managing this memory location is difficult to understand what can be do.

Is there a chance that you’ll be able to find out into Ewon documentation / development office an explanation about memory management ?

Since you are in the EU, you need to open a case at in order to get this escalated to the Ewon developers.