Teamviewer with a cosy 131


I have a vendor trying to use teamviewer- he is currently logged into a cosy 131 through ecatcher. Do I need to set up anything in order for him to use his teamviewer account?


Hi Larry,

you should just need to have him download TeamViewer and have him send you his User ID and password


Hi Tim,

He already had it installed on the PC and it was working- I just installed the eWON 131 and want him to connect through ecatcher first.

He says his teamviewer is not working now.



Hi Larry,

Is his eWON having issues connecting to the internet? As for the teamviewer issues, does he have any information about what’s not working on it? Is the User ID/Password not showing up? Is it saying his trial expired?


Hi Tim,

He was having an issue with his eWON connecting to the internet.
Do I need to enable a setting for connectivity?


Hey Larry,

If he’s connecting through ethernet, make sure that he’s connecting to port 4 with a cable that has internet access. If he’s able to pass the internet connection test but he’s failing the vpn connection test, have him make sure these ports are open on his network.

If he’s connecting through 3G/4G make sure that he has the correct APN for his SIM card