Techinical question on Anybus modbus gaetway AB7702-B/MB100



I understand these email are for Sales and Customer service but I would appreciate if you can forward this to technical department as I cannot find their email on your website.

We have two ABB Modbus RTU Controllers (RVT2-12/3P) that we need to connect to Anybus Modbus Gateway. We need help of how to wire 2 pcs of ABB controllers to 1 Anybus Modbus Gateway.





The Anybus is connected as a node on the Modbus network. Are you using RS485? How are the controllers connected together, do they have 2 serial ports?

Do you have the user manual for the controller? I looked it up (here) and there are manuals for a RS485 adapter as well. Are you using that?

It looks like you may have sent 2 pictures but I can only see one. A picture of the controller would be helpful.

Thank you,