Text Blink

In Viewon, how can I place text to flash (blink) acording to a tag?

When you say blink, do you mean that you want the text to appear and disappear frequently?

I want to signal an alarm with flashing text.

You should be able to do something like this

In the example below, I used a tag called test and when the tag value was 1, it will cause the function below to run

var Blink = getEwonTagVal(“test”);

function blink_text()
if (Blink == 1)


The UID is the ID of the text element that will be blinking

OK. and where I put this script?
thank you. :slight_smile:

In this example, the code was written in the whitespace background of a ViewON page

doesn’t work for me.

Hi Carlo,

This is Javascript code, not Basic code. It also looks like you wrote this on a tag instead of in the whitespace background


Okay, I’m new to this.
Can you explain better where and how to place the javascript?

If you click in the whitespace of a page you should be able to enter a javascript section like in the picture below: