Thayer Weigh Belt Over Profibus to Siemens S7 318-2DP PLC

Are there any examples of the communications setup and programming for the Siemens S7 300 PLC as far as the hardware setup and data transfer to and from the Thayer weigh belt using the Anybus card?

You should have received instructions from the OEM, Thayer, as well as a GSD file for Profibus. If you did not receive these, please contact them. Our embedded cards are programmed by the OEM, so there is no “generic” setup. You need to get the GSD and IO sizes from them.

We have generic instructions for our gateways that you could reference for STEP7:
PROFIBUS_Slave_Step7_2.1.pdf (3.2 MB) but keep in mind that you won’t be using the Anybus software with an embedded card. All the configuration is with the GSD file and using STEP7.