The netbiter WS100

HI there, I have multiple WS100s in service, I relocated one to another application and did a reset.
I am monitoring CTs from a WattsOn device. I cannot see any values coming in, I tried to populate the CT devices with there values but is giving me “write error!”

What protocol are you using? Do you have other WS100s connected to identical WattsOn devices (so you have a current config for this device)?

If you are using Modbus, it sounds like you are sending an illegal command or writing to the wrong register. You would need to get the manual for the WattsOn and the modbus map and create a configuration in the WS100.

You can find the documentation for the WS100 here: Tech Support Page for the Netbiter WS100 gateway

Did you try hovering over the error box with the mouse? That might give you the actual modbus error, which would be good to know.

Do you have a template setup in Argos for the WattsOn device?

Hi there, just realized I had some responses. I have other wattson and netbiter setups all doing the same thing with the wattson template installed.and using RS485. I have copied the same info and settings for another install. Im stumped , not sure what I am missing here

I have values coming in now from the CTs and PTs but some are negative values like the real time KW reading for example.

I don’t really have enough information to know exactly what’s going on, but normally when you are getting values that look wrong, it’s because it’s the wrong data type or the bytes are swapped.