TIA Portal V14 example IXXAT CAN/CANopen


Is there a TIA portal V14 example that can be downloaded, the V13 example does not work on V14.


Hello @col,

This folder has examples for transparent CAN /CANopen for TIA V13 and V14. The V14 ones can be imported into TIA V15.
The demos used revised FBS and a new library that is also provided by the folder.

You can download the files by visiting the following link:

The file share will expire on 2018-08-29 16:31

Hi @deryck_hms,

I’m trying to configure a CAN module for s7-1200, but the files posted in the link but it has expired, would it be possible to activate the link again?


Hello @lluisdgm,

The example files should now be available on the ixxat.com webpage for download.


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There doesn’t seem to be a demo or function block for v14. Any suggestions?

Are you able to import the V12 function blocks?

No, V14 can only open function block libraries from V13 SP1 or later.

Hi @michaelblake,

The following download includes V13 v2 that can be imported in to V14.
CM CANopen Function Blocks V13 Ver. 2.0.0.zip (1.2 MB)


Awesome thanks, Deryck. I loaded an instance of the ReadSDO function block into my program, and when I tried to compile, I got an error “Data Type SDO_ReadData no longer exists”. The output parameter “Data” is apparently set to be of that data type, but the program doesn’t recognize it. Any suggestions? Thanks again.

I am not familiar with that error. If you can submit this issue to our support tool here> https://www.ixxat.com/support/contact-technical-support

I will be able to forward the request to my colleagues at IXXAT for further assistance. They have more experience with these type of issues and often have a quick solution.


I have had a few other questions regarding this issue and have looking into it a bit more. This is what I have found out about the error.

It will occur when the data data types have not been added for the SDO FBs

  • SDO_ReadData: data type used by ReadSDO FB
  • SDO_WriteData: data type used by WriteSDO FB

these data types are provided either by

  • the library:
    Types / CANopen /
    the data type SDO_ReadData must be copied to PLC data types of the Project tree

  • the CANopen demo:
    Project tree / PLC data types / CANopen

    If a library was created from the CANopen demo:
    most likely the data types were not added to to its library and the data types must be copied from:
    Libraries / Project library / Types / CANopen
    its library: Types /

the library and the demos are provided by
\magne.hms.se\IXXAT\Support\CM CANopen
CM CANopen Function Blocks V13 Ver. 2.0.0_V14.zip: library for TIA V14 that can be aslo integrated in TIA V15


Hey Deryck, I was able to import the function blocks found on the regular downloads page and everything appears okay. I am curious, however, if you still have any simple examples of interfacing with the module from the Siemens side of things? I’m having some trouble configuring the device and using RDREC to pull data.


Hello @Jmeyer ,

Unfortunately I don’t have any examples available but I will check with my colleagues and see if they have any to share.


Hello @Jmeyer,

I apologize for the inconvenience and any confusion this might cause. We have issue 1846-29694 open in support tool but I am having issues uploading the examples there.

CANopen Demo TIA V13.zip (6.4 MB)

CANopen demo TIA V14.zip (2.6 MB)

library for TIA V13: CM CANopen Function Blocks V13 Ver. 2.0.0.zip (1.2 MB)
library for TIA V14: CM CANopen Function Blocks V13 Ver. 2.0.0_V14.zip (415.2 KB)

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you can have the linl for example download again?

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I state I am new in the world siemens, I am using your module cm canopen module and I would like with the plc s7-1200 Siemens read pdos via can without using eds files, how can I do ?
Thank you

I use the Tia portal V15_1

To import a device, the EDS file is required.

et moi aussi je veut hsp v15