To read a counter de 100 to 200 through 485 with ewon

Hello. I,I’m new to ewon
A counter 100 to 200 is generated by arduino which via UART transmite it.
The physical medium of transmission is RS 485
I want to read this counter at EWON FLEXY 201 with a FLA 3301. This module was configurate.
My issue is:
how do I configurate los I/O services and how create the variable to see the counter?

Hi Carlos,

Are you trying to read raw TCP data over a serial connection or is the arduino capable of transmitting in a protocol such as Modbus?

If it’s a raw TCP connection, I’d recommend taking a look at the pages below

I would try creating a vcom (virtual communication) port using our evcom software.

Software download:


Hello Tim
Firts of all, Thanks for your self
Yes, the arduino can use the protocol modbus RTU (it`s the protocol which I use ,but before I will use in further projects), but before I need to make tests with the protocol I told you about.
Thanks for all

Ok, in that case you should just need to go into this section


then make sure all of the serial settings match up for the arduino and you should be able to poll modbus addresses

Ok thanks
I generated the modbus in arduino
The questions : Does Ewon work only master with Modbus RTU?
How do i configure the FLA 3301 To RS 485?
Thanks for information

It looks like we’re not able to act as a Modbus RTU slave, but we can do the following:

Take a look at page 8 of this document to change to RS485

Ok thanks for all

You’re welcome, did you have any other questions?

Yes I have a problem and I don’t know how to solve it

Hi Carlos,

it looks like you may have deleted the Init and Cyclic sections. Try deleting the BASIC IDE section here:

Then try writing your code in the Init section

That is the solution to the problem
Thanks for all

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You’re welcome, let me know if you run into something else with this