Transaction Error on AB9004-B

Above are the screenshots of the current configuration of the Anybus. The system was apparently working earlier as transactions could be recieved and passed through, however something changed overnight and the Anybus is now in this transaction error state. I am not sure what the cause is.

An issue with the TCP connection appears to not be the case since when I send Modbus packets to the device from a PC, the packets are sent, but the transaction error remains. I am unsure if it could be an issue with the configuration of the transactions since the transactions appeared to work earlier.

Hi @Asimpson
As the transaction monitor points out the modbus client isnt able to make a connection to the server. Can you reach both the server and the client from the network?


I can reach both the server and client, I used to be able to send transactions with no error as well

As the error on the device indicates the gateway is not seeing a response back from the modbus Server. If the configuration on the AB9004 has not changed there could be something on the network that changed that is preventing the gateway from reaching the server. I would try reaching the server from a laptop connected through the second port on the MBTCP interface. You can also test the with a modbus TCP scanner to see if that is able to read data from the server.


Deryck, I connected a second interface and I’m still seeing no connections are there additional logs that I can pull to try and find out what the specific error the device is throwing is?

The image above is what I’m getting from wireshark. I’m not sure a connection is actually being made between the devices. All I’m seeing are sends.

I’ve done a factory reset and put my transactions back in so the configuration is only the one server with transactions as well as having a different ip than the factory

I ended up finding that the issue lay in the program I was using to send signals to test the Anybus Configuration having a major bug that was not sending complete frames. this was causing the transactions to error out. This has been mended.

Thank you!

Great! Glad to hear it is working!