Transfer eWon to an other Talk2M eCatcher account

I’ve added an Ewon Cosy to my eCatcher account. I want to transfer it to my customers account. I’m not able to be physical with the eWon. How can I add the eWon to my customers eCatcher account?

Second question: Can an eWon be installed in 2 Talk2M eCatcher accounts?

Thanks in advance.

Jaap Halma

You’ll need to delete the Ewon from the current account, which will make it inaccessible through eCatcher. You could connect a laptop to it, and remote in to add it to the new account, or send a pre-configured SD card to the site to be inserted which will add it to the new account. The only instance in which we can move an Ewon to another account is when upgrading to T2M Pro, accounts can be consolidated.

No, an Ewon can only be associated with one account.