Transparent CAN Function Blocks

I figured out I need to operate the module in Transparent CAN mode. From reading other posts, I believe this means I do not use the Config Studio software but instead I need to setup everything in TIA Portal. Is that correct?

I previously uploaded some test configurations via the software–do I need to ‘reset’ anything or will setting the module to transparent mode in TIA Portal handle that?

Also, section 8.2 of the manual mentions transparent mode function blocks can be downloaded from the website but I cannot find them anywhere. Can you provide a link? I’m using TIA Portal V16.

Correct - here is a demo with FBs. It will work with any version of TIA Portal.

Transparent CAN (6.1 MB)

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I have the transparent CAN function blocks imported. I’m running through the walkthrough document and looking at the demo but I’m still struggling on how to implement CAN on my machine. It looks very involved and intimidating with all the SCL code.

I have (6) CAN 2.0A devices and (1) device that might be CAN 2.0B. Is it still possible to run the module in Transparent CAN mode with both 2.0A and 2.0B devices on the same network, same CM CANopen module?

The CM CANopen only supports 11-bit identifiers (CAN 2.0A). If you have a CAN 2.0B device it probably is not a CANopen device.

Correct, these are NOT inherently CANopen devices but six of them use an 11-bit identifier. The other is an enigma still. I’m going to open another support ticket.

OK - we can continue this conversation through the support case.