Transparent CAN

I have installed the CM 1243-5 with the S7 1200 & implemented the Transparent Can Demo, migrated the hardware and compile the Demo and download to the PLC
Baud Rate 125kb/s

All is working well

I went several times through the Application notes.

I am trying to Receive CAN ID on 101 and 101

This I have set the CAN ID up in API_Ctrl_DB as per the Application notes

I am a bit lost as to which FB I must use to set the process to initiate the process to go through a read cycle.

Kindly assist in some pointers to the additional control I must implement to start the process and at which FB must be used.

For Example is the User program supposed to interface with MAIN OB1 or the CAN_Control [FB1] and CAN_RDV [FB2]

Many thanks for the support in this regard

I recommend opening a support case on This will make it easier to get you connected with an expert in this product.



I did , a week ago, did not get any response yet


I was not able to find any support request under your email or name. Did you use an alternative email address?



Im not finding any thing with your domain in our tickting system. I recommend opening a new case on HMS Support Portal (