Trouble having current data update on graphs - 24 hour / 48 hour

Having an issue with the graphing data not populating on historical graphs after firmware update. Can see the real time data change but not populating on graphs. we are using DF1 and ABLOGIX.

Hello JK,

Thank you for the backup, I am reviewing it for you now.

Just for clarification, are you running the script for purging on the unit?

I am sorry - we are new to the Ewon programming and Use of it. It was set up and programmed by a former Employee. Can you help us understand what the Script for purging on the unit means. My apologies for not being very knowledgable on this. Just learning quickly.

The BASIC script deletes the IRCall bin, which deletes the historical data, ever hour.

Disable this script and the the log data should be saved. I have attached the link to the BASIC programming below:

Thank you Kevin. We will do some research and get back to you with further questions as we learn and try to figure this out.