Trouble Keeping AC Devices Connected

Recently inherited 4x Fujitsu split units and AC cloud FJ-IR-WIFI-1NA devices to control them.

Previous owner gave me all details to accounts and even left the router, so I was able to control them right away after getting internet/modem hooked up.

Everything was working fine until I needed to get a new router due to WiFi issues on other unrelated devices.

I tried resetting the AC cloud units by holding down the button for 10 seconds, reconfiguring following directions. At the end of the process the LED shows solid red and briefly, I could connect to the units in the AC cloud app. However, throughout the day, they randomly drop off showing no connection. I could check the app every five to minutes or so and see a different assortment of which are and which aren’t connected.

I then tried deleting the devices from previous owner account (which I was using to access) and creating a new account and registering. Followed same process to get them connected but they still randomly drop off.

ADDITIONALLY, one of the units has never entered configuration mode for me. It is always blinking red. I hold down button for 10 seconds and it stops blinking for a bit but then starts again. I never get the green light.

Any help would be appreciated.

Inherited 4x Fujitsu split units with ac cloud WiFi devices. I was able to reconfigure 3 of them to new WiFi, however it’s a total hit or miss whether I will see them connected to WiFi in the AC Cloud app. Seems they are constantly dropping off the network.

One of the units never enters “configuration mode” after holding button for 10 seconds or more. It always goes back to blinking red.


can you provide pictures of the silver labels on the back of the units?

Additionally, what is your current setting for the Wifi AP that you are using to connect?


I also see you created a case on our Support page. I will be using that case for our method of communication, and solve this one for now.

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for the reply. I have uploaded the requested items to the case.