Trouble programming through app

I have programmed a unit through the App to start one split at a programmed time of 9:00 am. Which it does. I cannot figure out how to program it to have it automatically shutoff at 9:00 pm. I have to do the shutoff manually through the App. This is the AC Cloud Control WIFI device I use:


Hi @Brian_Mazur,

You need to tap the power button twice for power off:

For more info, see section 7 (page 38) in the App Manual.

You can also make this configuration at (settings are described in the Web Manual).

Please let me know if that works or if you have any other questions.


Shutting it off manually through the app hasn’t been the issue. Right now that’s the only way I can shut it off every night. The programming is my issue. I’m missing something.

Following the instructions from the App Manual I have again programmed it to turnoff at 9:00 pm. I’ll see if it works tonight. But I have been following the instructions right along without luck. Right now the calendar shows On as scheduled for every day, but the Off does not show. Should it be showing as well?

I’ve added an Off in the Scenes for the same device. I think I did that before without it making a difference.

That clip was from the instructions for programming it, not turning it off manually.

It says to go to New Action:

Put the name and time:

Set the action: