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I recently purchased an anybus edge gateway for testing in out system and have been having issues connecting to the device.
Article: ABE04005-B
Model: HGP 140
Serial: A047649E
MDG D:0620

I cannot find any documentation for this gateway model on the anybus website. I just need to know how to connect to the device and access the configuration web server. I reference the manual for the x-gateway series and found that the default IP address for those is, but that did not work for connecting to the edge gateway. Do you have a copy of any user manuals or any insight for how to connect to this device?

Ronald C. Gayles
Sr. Systems Engineer

Caterpillar: Confidential Green



Hello Ronald,

Here is the Link for documentation for the device you have purchased.

Please let me know if you need any additional information.

For the ABE04005, does it have the same control status registers (from the anybus-x gateway) that can be read to determine if the Modbus slave is responding to read requests?

Also, I have the anybus setup to receive a Modbus write value that is then manipulated and written to a slave device. When the master device looses connection with the anybus gateway, the anybus continues to write to the slave device using the last known value it received. Is there a way to prevent the anybus from writing when the input from the master times out?



Hello Ronald,

I will reach out to the Anybus team regarding the following

Ability to use Control/Status Word
Allow Clear Data for when the Modbus Master is offline


Has you gotten an answer on this?

The way the anybus is setup right now causes it to continue to write Modbus commands even after it does not receive a Modbus write from the master ECM.

I would like to know if it is possible to turn off the write function when connection to the master is lost

Also I need to be able to detect when the gateway looses connection with a modbus slave device. Currently it holds the last received value.


You can set up a Tag to read the status of the communication between the Master and the Slave. We created a coil register for a binary value that monitors communication. Once the registered is triggered you can design the gateway, master, and slave to stop communication.

Can you provide some documentation on how to access this coil register and create tags?
I don’t seen any reference to this in the documentation on your website.