Troubleshooting Help


I recently purchased an anybus edge gateway for testing in out system and have been having issues connecting to the device.
Article: ABE04005-B
Model: HGP 140
Serial: A047649E
MDG D:0620

I cannot find any documentation for this gateway model on the anybus website. I just need to know how to connect to the device and access the configuration web server. I reference the manual for the x-gateway series and found that the default IP address for those is, but that did not work for connecting to the edge gateway. Do you have a copy of any user manuals or any insight for how to connect to this device?

Ronald C. Gayles
Sr. Systems Engineer

Caterpillar: Confidential Green



Hello Ronald,

Here is the Link for documentation for the device you have purchased.

Please let me know if you need any additional information.