Troubleshooting Regular Client Disconnects

We have two bolts configured, one as WLAN AP, one as Client. Currently operating on 2.4 GHz at a distance of ~30 ft in an industrial environment. The client regularly loses connection. The most recent firmware update seems to have helped with consistent reconnects. RSSI is around -60. AMLOG? is empty. Is there a way troubleshoot if the disconnects are related to intermittent signal loss to the AP or possibly power interruptions?

Hi @pjackson,

Is there any obstruction between the two devices? Also is there many other networks that are operating on 2.4 GHz, if that’s the case you might want to change the channel it’s currently using.

Are both of the devices on the most recent firmware?

You can also set ATS3002=20 this will make it so it puts the device at max power instead of adaptive to try and increase the range.

They are both up to date on firmware. There isn’t much obstruction in the line of sight, but there is a lot of equipment in the area (motors etc). There may be other 2.4 in the area. I will try out these suggestions to see if it makes the symptoms and RSSI improve. We have had the local equipment shut down for a while and the connection currently seems stable. That said, are there any logs or tools available to help validate the source of the disconnect? The concern being that I might be chasing a signal issue when I should be chasing a POE power supply issue. Does the system “uptime” reset with a power cycle or connection status?

I think I may have answered my own question, by rebooting the AP. The client uptime didn’t reset.

I think the issue could be just power supply. I noticed the uptime had been resetting when the client has been dropping out. The POE power supply for the client is fed from the same source as nearby equipment, and is on a mobile item that is fed through a power track. Perhaps either the connections or power cleanliness are not sufficient.

Ok, after hearing that might be the issue, you might not want to set the ATS3002=20 in this case, since that may cause other issues. Can you check if the device starts going down if it’s given it’s own power supply?

Because of the location and slight motion (which is why we’re using wireless to begin with). It will be a challenge to provide a separate power source. We may be able to do some things to try and improve the power quality. We’ll just have to mess with it and see what we can troubleshoot it to.

Ok let me know what you find out