Trying to better understand scripting on CAN@net NT 100/200/420 series


I have some general questions regarding the CAN@net NT 100/200/420 series.

  1. Are the scripts running completely independent on the device? Or are these scripts hosted on a computer and just interfacing with the device?

  2. is there any limitations regarding the scripting capability?

  3. What is the internal storage of the device?

  4. How do the scripts get launched on boot?

  5. Is there any additional support documentation regarding the scripting capabilities?

For context, I have a handshake that needs to be done on the device that involves generating a random number among other things. Will this be supported?



With the Lua Application Development Kit customer specific Lua scripts can be executed on the
CAN@net NTin operational modes Local Bridge or CAN-Eth-CAN bridge. By using the Lua ADK for
handling and processing of communication data the functionality of the standard application can
be expanded

You can read more about the capabilities and limitations in the ADK guide. Limitations including the size are available in section 2.3.
4-02-0332-20002-lua-adk.pdf (