Trying to embed m2web onto their website


Hi Barry,

Can you let me know what you’re trying to do with m2web



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We are a compressor and high pressure gas distribution solution provider. We are deploying a web solution which will allow or clients to gather a variety of information as to the status of their infrastructure. Our solution provides easy access to customer services, purchasing and parts replacement, up-time analytics and much more. We have a single sign-on back-end powering access to the different tools, one of which is the m2web solution (for our Flexy 205 devices), that we access via

Every time a client clicks the link to get the real-time HMI data via this interface, they are redirected away from our site and loose access to the other tools. This is also negatively impacting our SSO security checks and the user’s experience is degraded. We need to be able to provide our clients with these m2web tools while maintain their registration into our site ( What are our options?


Barry Taylor

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Hi Barry,

Do you know if you’re using the M2Web api or just M2Web to access this?


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We are using the m2web for everything I am working on right now. To my knowledge we are not using the APIs at all. I will be looking into the capabilities of the API and if they can fill some/all of our requirements.



Sounds good, let me know what you find out


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OK, I have reviewed the M2Web API and have been able to successfully connect to the main login and eWon logins. I am attempting to replicate what comes after that on the M2Web portal, the HMI VNC display. What is the best method for accomplishing this?


I’m going to check with some colleagues in belgium and see if they have a reference for this


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Any word back from Belgium? We are simply replicating the heads-up HMI display exactly as it appears on the m2web portal for now. We will look at creating other views later. We are using the Flexy205 model devices and are open to just about any deployment architecture.

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I haven’t heard anything back yet, I think they may still be getting caught up on some of their tickets as well because of the training last week. I’ll try and get in touch with them tomorrow morning


Hi Barry,

They said you should just be able to do the following:

"You should just be able to use the direct links

But at some point they will have to authenticate to M2Web. There is no way to pass the M2Web credentials through the link."


Thanks, I will learn what the links you provided have to teach and get back to you with any necessary updates.

Barry A. Taylor

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