Tunnel Closed (ClientTunnel - Failed to invoke proxy target.)

Trying to use Quick Connect but I am unable to connect to any of the devices. A couple guys on my team are able to connect to them just fine. I have the TAP adapter renamed to correct name but system fails connecting. Below is the log file where it fails. Any help would be great

2021-12-02 09:26:21,107 INFO [qtp11440528-32] BasicTunnelClientApplicationService - Adding channel: vpn-forward://tap?client_ref=network%20bridge%201&local_ip=
2021-12-02 09:26:21,108 INFO [t460213048] LocalTunnelSegment - New channel c1 to vpn-forward://tap?client_ref=network%20bridge%201&local_ip=
2021-12-02 09:26:21,112 ERROR [t460213048] ClientTunnel - Failed to invoke proxy target.

It look to be an issue with the device being able to establish a VPN tunnel.

Do you have any other VPN set up on your computer? Also is there any firewall/Anti Virus active?

To remove the network from being the issue, can you try using a hotspot as the internet connection?

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I do have “Softether VPN Client” installed. I will uninstall and try again.

We have seen other VPN’s interfere with ours.

Still not working. I uninstalled Softether VPN Client and Quick Connect. I uninstalled both TAP-Adapters. Rebooted the system and installed Quick connect and reboot. I see only one NEW TAP-Adapter installed and I did rename it.

Did you try connecting with a hotspot?

Working now, Had to remove another VPN Client. Thank you

Hello Ryan,

I am glad this issue was resolved.