Two factor Authentication

Do you know if the 2 factor authentication works in all countries around the world? Specifically, we are deploying some eWons in Ireland and seems like the texts are never received so they cannot loggin using this security capability.

Can you advise if any issues with this or if anything we need to be aware of?


Are you using the correct country code for the SMS? +353?

You will need to ensure that you have full service, GPRS capabilities, and that there is an active network for the network type the SIM card is using. 3G vs 4G.

Can you provide a backup with support files of the device?

I failed to reply to your email. we eventually got the code in SMS message for one single user in Ireland so we are good there

now we have the same problem but this time is wide spread for all the Chinese customers, they simply dont get the text SMS messages for numbers starting with +86 (China numbers). Do you know a work around for this? We would not like to disable the 2 factor authentication if we can solve this.

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