UDP broadcast over ewon cosy 131


we interface with an old system that uses UDP to broadcast status information. By turning on the broadcast forwarder option I was able to get this data over the vpn, but it seems that has stopped working. I thought it might be our office firewall but I’ve tried using my phone’s hotspot as internet connection and connecting to the ewon from another connection outside the office but nothing. Our ewon settings haven’t changed and neither has our system. Not sure what to try.


Can you check if the cosy is on the most recent firmware 13.2? and if it’s still running into issues after that, can you send us a backup.tar file with support files included from ebuddy?


Hi Tim, the cosy was on 13.0s0 so I updated it and still same issue. I've attached the backup file.[color=red]MOVED TO STAFF NOTE[/color] (55 KB)


Do you know if you have the 6.3.6 version of eCatcher installed?


I was on 6.3.5, just updated to 6.3.6 and no change.


would it be possible to do a factory reset on the device and then try putting these settings on the device again? I’m wondering if maybe the device got stuck in some kind of bad state


Hi @vacosta

Just wanted to see if this was resolved or if it’s still an ongoing issue?


Still having issues. I did a factory reset on the device but same thing. Haven’t had a lot of time to mess with it but today I’ll play around with it.


I get a lot of arp messages, see attachment.


I’m checking with some colleagues in Belgium for this issue. I’ll let you know what I find out


Hello Tim, looks like the new firmware 13.2s1 resolves the issue, but now I have a bunch of eWONs out in the field that I will need to update when they get in service. Well at least there’s a fix :slight_smile: